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There are many Public Interest Issues and Cases of individuals which require professional assistance of lawyers. If you are a lawyer and ready to take up a legal challenge pro-bono please read the below mentioned concept of NYAYA – DAAN and offer your service now.


NYAYA-DAAN is a pro bono lawyering service provided by an Advocate who voluntarily undertakes to support litigation in the court law. CLAP has launched this programme to strengthen access to justice for marginalized and people who are deprived of their entitlements. Access to justice is a fundamental right under Article 14 & 21 of the Constitution of India. The Indian legal system is facing challenges at the level of justice delivery. A number of people whose legal rights are violated are not able to seek justice because of the prohibitive costs of litigation and the delays that come along with them. The problem of access to justice is deep and pervasive in India and has affected the ability of the legal system and judicial process to respond to injustices. The crisis of delays that has engulfed the Indian judicial process calls for response at multiple levels of decision making. A range of reforms legal, judicial and institutional needs to be initiated for dealing with delays and ensuring access to justice. Access to justice as human right is more than improving an individual’s access to courts or guaranteeing legal representation. .


Free legal aid to marginalized, poor and vulnerable groups of our society by a lawyer is known as pro bono lawyering. The aims and objective of pro bono lawyering is to ensure equal access to justice for all and to encourage lawyers to provide free services. It equally benefits a lawyer for the recognition in his/her professional career. Please fill in the form below and submit it for support a case as a NYAYA – DAATA. Our Legal Advisor will contact you very shortly. .

I Mr./Mrs./Miss , enrolled as an Advocate in the Rolls of Odisha State Bar Council, Cuttack bearing Enrolment No. and

presently practising at , express my willingness to conduct a litigation pro bono in the year as a part of my Social

Responsibility and Commitment to secure justice in the court of law for the marginalised persons and disadvantaged section of the Society, recognising the importance of access

to justice for all which is a guaranteed fundamental Human Right. I do hereby give my consent to conduct a case as a Nyaya-Daata under Nyaya-Daan programme being

implemented by CLAP Legal Service Institute. I undertake the responsibility that I shall not charge any professional fees for conducting a case. Further I shall submit all records

including copy of the order of court along with a certificate from the person whom I have supported to the effect that no fees is charged for this purpose.

Scan your signatur and attach here